Welcome Musers!

What a wonderful day! Have you heard the good muse?

Marietta Muse is officially up and running by virtue of this post being published. A real Watson, come here. I need you! moment for me as with this post I’m testing to see if this contraption actually works!

I have a long way to go from here to achieve my vision for what I am hoping will become the premier online informational and social portal for all things Marietta.

This WordPress blog is strictly for posting updates during the development process. The actual url http://mariettamuse.com has been secured and will become functional upon the launch of the demo site in January 2016.

The ideas and features of the Marietta Muse site are not fully conceptualized yet, but that’s what makes digital publishing fun! Join me on this creative journey and stop back to be a-Mused  (might need to Trademark that) and to check on the progress!

Thanks! – Michael M.